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Alone With A Piano

19 Solo Piano Improvisations

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1. Sentiment
2. Behind The Door That Leads To Nowhere
3. When Ships Sail On Land
4. Smoking An Unlighted Cigarette
5. Faith And Trust
6. January Will Just Pass By
7. A Picture Painted By Tears
8. Time
9. I Wonder As I Wander
10. The Lamp Shades
11. You Were There But Still Here You Are
12. The Sign That Was Left
13. Tracing How It All Begun
14. While The Children Play
15. We Run And Tumble Down
16. Old
17. Afar
18. Go Away But Be Near Me
19. The Rock Star Pope

Music by Darem Placer
Cover Photo by Darem Placer

© 2015 Darem Placer